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Fred A. Baughman, Jr. comments upon message from Barbara and WHO Day:

1/24/01 writes:

   Subj:  Fw: Re: are all Americans disabled?

   Check this out--Have you heard about World Health Day
   to be held on 7 April 2001? This is the one sponsored
   by the World Health Organization with the prime objective
   to "impact public opinion and stimulate debate on how to
   improve the current condition of mental health around the

   The WHO wishes to engage children within the school systems
   to have a "better appreciation of mental health" through
   art and essay contests. Here are the contest themes:
   Introducing the contest.
   Most of your classmates are healthy and happy individuals.
   However, there are some children who are not so fortunate
   and are ill with diseases such as behavioural problems, learning
   disabilities, brain damage or epilepsy.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
This is the
psychopharmaceutical cartel within the World Health Organization, within
the schools of the nation and the world. And here we have their
propaganda line that likens diseases to ‘behavior problems’ and
‘learning disabilities’ to ‘brain damage’ or ‘epilepsy’]

   These children are often
   teased, isolated and excluded from enjoyable group activities.
   Such children will obviously feel very hurt not to be a part of the
   normal group. They need peers' support, their parents' help, their
   teachers' understanding and the support from the community.
   The WHO contest may help you think about what it means to have
   these illnesses and the importance of being in good health, for your body
   and your brain.
   Age 6-9 years: Drawing Contest--students should draw a picture to
   How would a child who is ill

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
by which they mean has a disease]

   with a brain disorder feel at being
   different from
   everyone else? How would you feel about being excluded if you were

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Here is WHO delivering the duplicitous, propaganda,
message of the psychopharmaceutical cartel, which, itself , is the one
stigmatizing normal children by having one and all—the child most of
all—believe they are ‘brain damaged’, ‘ill’, ‘different,’ ‘abnormal.’
Imagine the totality of the WHO sell-out]

   Can a parent or teacher help if a child is upset or teased about being

   The older children will have an opportunity to discuss about what is
   meant to have a brain disease and discuss personal experiences with
   individuals who are mentally ill.
   The objective of the contest they claim is to "have children become
   advocates for good mental health".
   **Is it not cruel and unusual to place this type of a burden on a young
   persons mind?
   What a six year old? Is this age appropriate activity not to mention
   intrusion of 'the state' into the realm of the private?

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