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 evans wrote:

    Dr Baughman,
    Since our last correspondance, I have received a new class of
    inmate/students in my Business classes at the Ft Grant
    Correctional Facility (Az Dept of Corrections).
    One student I would like to suggest may be a case study - C...
    (due to Az law, all inmate records are available on the
    Dept of Corrections web site).
    C... is a very personable 20 year old who was incarcerated at 19
    on drug use/possession charges.
    What makes his case of interest is the fact that C... was
    diagnosed in 3rd/4th grade with ADD - and put on Ridilen (sp?).

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Ritalin. Novartis would take offence]

    C... was "treated" until the Medicare funds expired and cut off
    the drug.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
To date, millions of US children have been surrendered
by their families, in what psychiatry, euphemistically calls 'custody
relinquishment' so as to qualify the child for Medicaid, allowing
their treatment at least until 18 when, if not involuntarily committed
for other 'diagnoses' gathered en route, might finally stop it. A
report of
the Bazelon Foundation of about a year ago reported on and quantitated
the Nazi-like phenomena of 'custody relinquishment' ]

    Time span?  4th grade drugs by school to incarceration shortly
    after H.S. graduation.  Case against the drug treatment now being
    expanded to pre-schoolers?
    Maybe the public should get to know C... and his story?
    Your thoughts?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
The ongoing follow-up study of Nadine Lambert at UC Berkeley, of
hundreds of children on such drugs leaves no doubt they are highly
addictive. Only CHADD, Novartis and the psychiatrist-druggers, say it
isn't so in what is a knowing peversion of the scientific record. This
and other such facts regarding the government/school-enforced exposure to
this drug could well be grounds for dismissal of charges--freeing Chris.
Thanks for sending this Bruce I will take it up
with attorney friends and will get back to you. Contact me if you have
not heard from me within 3 weeks. Sincerely]

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