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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
a father of divorce fights psychiatric poisoning (lets call it what it is,
there are no diseases) of son.

Psychiatrists go to medical school like all physicians, learn how to
distinguish normal/no disease from abnormal/disease. However, having
gotten their MD degree, they begin their residency training in psychiatry,
which is to say, they leave behind the science and practice of
medicine--that having to do with real diseases. But they don't tell there
patients, rather they use all of their medical science, to contrive the
illusion and fraud that the emotional and behavioral problems the concoct
for their DSM are real diseases/abnormalities/chemical imbalances. What
is essential for the public to understand is that such illusions of diseases
are total, 100% illusions--frauds. So long as we continue to think their
is so much as a quark of reality/legitimacy to them their faux epidemics
and the automatic drugging (a real epidemic of poisoning) continue. At
the 1998 Consensus Conference on ADHD, where it was exposed that the brain
atrophy of ADHD was not due to ADHD at all but to the Ritalin/amphetamines
all subjects were on. This led the panel of the Conference to conclude
ADHD was not a disease, their was no test for it, at a time 4.4 million
US children were "diagnosed" and "treated". Nor has it been validated as
a disease since, which has done nothing to slow the
epidemic--not of ADHD--but of poisoning opf US children (and adults). It
is time for a rebellion, surely we can see throught their lies by now.]

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  Subject: thanks Dr. Baughman

  Hi Dr. Baughman,

  Thanks for sharing my current dilemma regarding my son being poisoned. Here
  is a quick update.

  In a well worded letter that I wrote, I threatened the doctor who had
  originally prescribed the drugs to my son with legal action if these drugs
  were not terminated immediately. I convinced her to tell my son's mother
  to stop the drugs ( risperdal) but to this day my son's mother continues
  to poison my son only to prove that no one can tell her what to do.
  Unfortunately, for the time being , my son lives with his mother ( another
  legal travesty) and I cannot be there to break her fingers when she
  purposely poisons my son. Well, I have been arguing with children's aid for
  several days over this and they as well disgust me.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
all members of the psycho-medical-pharma-governmental cartel who would not
have jobs and salaries but for their conspiracy]

  They have done nothing to stop this administering of poison to my son even
  after the doctor said to stop it.

  One of the biggest problem I face in helping my son right now is my
  worthless lawyer who is extremely overpriced. I wanted to have a judge
  rule on this matter yet the piece of S*** lawyer doesn't return my phone
  calls and has done nothing in this regard. I do feel confident however
  that I am annoying the right people to get something done. I have been
  trying to get a hold of my son's medical records from this same doctor
  who prescribed the poison but she is reluctant to release them even though
  I have legal authorization to have them. I hope to have these records in
  my possession in the next couple of days. I think by now she knows that I
  am not someone she wants to piss off anymore :-) 

  Having said the above, I will forward the documents to you by courier as
  soon as I have them and we can then proceed with the report. If my lawyer
  does not start earning his money soon, I will have to replace him. ( although
  they're pretty well all the same).

  I wish to thank you for caring for children and standing up for their rights
  to not be labelled and to not be poisoned. You are to be commended. I hope
  to be able to contact you soon.


  P.S. Please excuse the tone of my comments but I am so fed up with dealing
  with the bureaucracy and these lazy lawyers who are more trouble to have
  around than not.

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