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BELIEF IN ADHD SPELLS PARENT/TEACHER FAILURE how do I teach parents how to parent their children b/c they have
obviously been ineffective?  Can you teach me how to teach them?


[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Kim, in adhd, cd and odd, psychiatry maintains and has convinced a
generation of parents their is a disease (s) that discretely robs the
otherwise normal child of ability to attain self control. At the same time
the parent is told they cannot possibly teach their child self control, but,
rather, that a pill(s) would be necessary in every case. Thank goodness, my
parents did not give up on me. Had the biopsych option been there they just
might have, but doctors did not have to stoop to such things, teachers
taught, really taught, parents parented and their was no opting out, no
point beyond which it became a medical problem and all normal children, in
time, controlled themselves, or were delinquents, criminals, etc. Yes there
were challenging children and psychologists and psychiatrist who did not
practice biological psychiatry or invoke psychiatric diseases or drug normal
children. Go back to the books of that day. However before anything will
work, all must disabuse themselves of the notion of biological psychiatry,
of chemical imbalances and psychiatric diseases. Once there, the
responsibility for of the parent and teacher for the child and for the child
achieving self control becomes 100% and not one bit less. This too means
biological psychiatrists, mental health practitioners must be wholly
discredited and banished from all contact with the child and family. FB]

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Kim wrote:

    What you have explained makes sense.  Now I need help explaining to
    parents what is wrong with their children instead of being, ADHD, ODD, CD,
    etc. and I need specific informationon how to deal with these kids and how
    to teach the parents and teachers how to deal with them. Personally, I
    believe they are sin patterns. I have a case right now who is "classic ADHD
    combined type AND ODD" and I can no longer diagnose according to how I have
    been trained in psychology now that I know what I know.  Help.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
FB: Allies often ask: "What can we offer parents who write/call
asking for remedies, or treatments other than drugs. I reiterate: "the
children are normal, they have no diseases, is no dietary fix (except for
children of poverty who go to school hungry) no megavitamins, no herbs or
algae, neurobiofeedback. Their behaviors called ADHD, CD, ODD, OCD,
bipolar--prior to drugging--are normal (if bothersome, if reflective of
parent teacher misunderstanding, ineptitude) behaviors in normal children
and parents and teachers and all responsible for children must understand
and believe this if they are to successfully rear, control, educate and
prepare-for-life, the children. Telling you the normal child is abnormal
diseased, they make your child a patient, a "medical" patient; they become
the expert on your child, they take over and they render you--the parent and
teacher of normal children--irrelavent.]

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