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My husband just e-mailed me the article about ADHD being 100% fraud.
Both of my children have been diagnosed with ADHD. My oldest, a son, was
diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder a couple of years ago with the ADHD.
It was "school prompted" to make an appointment with a doctor to see if they
each needed medication.
M****** was in Kindergarten while A***** was in Pre-K when hubby and I were
forced to make a decision on whether to drug them or not. We did, everything
changed for a while. M****** developed "ticks" and we changed his meds. A
couple - three years ago, M****** became depressed and suicidal so the
doctor we had him seeing at the time put him in the hospital and there he
was diagnosed as being Bipolar. He currently takes wellbutrin, seroquel,
trazodone and depakote.
When A***** doesn't have her medication (concerta), the teachers can tell. I
have had one to tell her not to come back to school unless she's taking her
meds (i forgot to get her re-fill "one" day).
What do you think?
Thank you much!!

L**** Z

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
bipolar disorder is no more a disease/physical abnormality of the brain
than ADHD or any psychiatric "disorder". And yet they are represented to be
diseases, "severe" disease, which, if not acknowledged and treated by
parents, suggest the parents are negligent, deserving of loss of custody.

None of the "disorders" diagnosed in your children are actual diseases due
to abnormalities of the brain or body (abnormality = disease),
therefore none of the drugs you list target an abnormality and have a
scientific basis. With no abnormality to target, each of the drugs is a
foreign compound--a poison. All of them are know to cause damage to the
brain both short and long-term. No risk vs. benefit analysis can possibly
justify giving any of these drugs to normal/disease-free children.

Calling all psychiatric/mental/emotional/behavioral conditions brain
diseases/chemical imbalances is the greatest medical fraud in US history and
it is zealously practiced by all organizations of US organized medicine
today. ADHD is to prototypical invented disease. Novartis, CHADD and the
NIMH have spearheaded the ADHD fraud.

Note, their are no examinations or tests for the psychiatric "diseases" they
snatch them out of the air. Then, invariably, each diagnosis gets 1 or a
few "chemical balancers" which, in fact (there being no disease) are
poisons. Children are being addicted, physically--neurologically damaged, a

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