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Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear GK, There is a new, non-narcotic medication for narcolepsy (a real disease,
presuming competent diagnosis). I believe the name of this drug is Provigil. It
is new but your pharmacist or physician should be able to track it down for you.
ADHD does not exist. See “Death by ADHD”. on my web site for a review of cardiac
risks. I just heard of the death during a nap of a 30 yr old father who had been
on Ritalin through his school years (further details of his drug history are
awaited). I view Ritalin and the amphetamines as a very substantial cardiac risk
factor. How substantial we stand to learn in the years ahead as the millions on it
grow into adults. I have consulted on 4 heart deaths in children due to
Ritalin/amphetamine for so called ADHD. Your dose is on the high side. I view
neurologic and heart risks as dose and time related. If you have been on Ritalin
for many years I would suggest a medical evaluation with emphasis on the heart,
including stress testing. In 1998, the American Heart Association spoke
forthrightly of the cardiac risks of Ritalin, advising cardiac screening prior to
prescription, but then, they withdrew this advisory. Someone, I suspect, got to
them. Look at the addiction literature for a more nearly factual account of the
risks of these drugs. The ADHD literature, for the most part, minimizes their
very substantial risks and decieves the public.

  C and G K wrote:
    I am a 48 year old attorney.  Two and a half years ago, I was diagnosed
    with ADD and Narcolepsy, and have been taking Ritalin since that time.
    The improvement in my condition has been marked.
    I currently take 70 miligrams of Ritalin per day.  However, I have
    found that the medicine loses efficacy over a period of time, and
    that I need to increase dosage every few months to bring me
    back to a normal state of being.
    I recently heard you on the Gary Null program.  You spoke of heart
    damage and death of children on Ritalin.
    I need to find out about the effects of Ritalin on adults.
    I believe that I will need this drug for the rest of my life.  It is
    the only thing that has worked for me.  However, if the drug
    will cause heart damage or other problems, I will need to rethink
    its use.
    I am married, and have two small children.  My concerns are not only
    for myself, but for my family.
    My e-mail is g
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.
    G K
    I would greatly appreciate

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