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Co-Worker Requests Help for Innocent Mom

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Jimmy, Char, tell this Mom that the representation of ADD/ADHD to be a
disease, children with such behaviors to be brain-diseased; intrinsically
abnormal, is a fraud perpetrated by psychiatry in collusion with the
pharmaceutical industry and with agents and agencies aplenty of our own federal
government including the NIH, NIMH, Surgeon General David Satcher, FDA, DEA,
Dept. of Education, and the Congress and Senate who take millions in drug money
to fuel their campaigns while writing bills and appropriating funds for no
purpose other than to make "patients" of normal children (and normal persons
cradle to grave). This campaign of perversion of science, and medicine islead
by Dr. Steven Hyman at the NIMH with Dr. Satcher, the # 1 federal physician,
being the main propagandist of the "psychiatric diseases" lie. Write to both of
them, copy your elected representative and ask for proof of an objective test to
distinguish ADD/ADHD from normal, if unhappy, if bored, if angry? Share the
answer with me please. Further, that not a single psychiatric
diagnosis/disorder has been or can be validated as a disease is a fact well
known to many in the Congress and Senate who would side with this heinous
endeavor making our normal children profit-points.

If in Texas, the school is pressuring this mom they do so in violation of
existing state and federal law, so I would advise that she report this directly
to Texas School Board member Judy Strictland and to John Breeding with
for a Safe Education

Tell her to write down everything said to her by way of diagnosis and coercion.
Tell her parenting is tough, even impossible and that it is never ending also
that it is never ever a psychiatric or a medical problem and that she would
allow them to make it this at the eternal peril of her child and entire family.


Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

PS Psychiatry and medicine (the AMA, AAP, APA, AACAP, AAN, CNS, AAFP), generally
have so lied to and betrayed the parents and families of the nation that they
have no legitimacy any longer when in comes to couseling for the behavior and
emotions and struggles and pains of children. Today, unbelievably, they are to
poised only to drug--for profit.

J   K          wrote:

> This person is request some ADD/ADHD help.

> > wrote:
> >
> >
> > To All:
> >
> > I have a coworker whose 6 y/o child may have ADD or ADHD.  She has been
> > telling us at work about how difficult it is to deal with her AND THE
> > I have much information about ADD / ADHD and TEENS but almost nothing on
> > small children.
> > Does anyone have resources for small tykes?  Somewhere on the web or a book
> > or anything would help.  This mom is innocent (and therefore ripe) for the
> > establishment to indoctrinate her as to the glories of ritalin or adderall.
> > All I could tell her is my experiences, but something to read would be very
> > helpful to her.  She's going to need all the help (the right kind) she can
> > get in the coming days.
> >
> > Thanks for everything,
> > Char
> >
> >

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