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 Click here: WebMD with AOL Health - Depression Linked to Parkinson's

 Dear Dr. Baughman,

 I read this article on the internet and talk about the ultimate in weaving 
 illusions of biological pathology based on nothing!  They say that 
 "researchers" have found that people with depression are 3 times more likely 
 to subsequently get Parkinson's disease, and then they go on to all kinds of 
 speculations about dopamine and serotonin.  The real goal is to get the 
 public to make an association between Parkinson's, a real organic disease, 
 and depression so that they will believe that depression too is an organic 
 disease.  But what did this study actually show?  "About 1.4%  of the 
 depressed people developed Parkinson's compared with only 0.4% of the others. 
 " So the big story they promote is that people with depression are 3 times as 
 likely to develop Parkinson's, and they then go on to all kinds of 
 speculation as to the supposed causal mechanisms involved.  Yet take a look 
 at the actual numbers!  98.6% of people who were depressed didn't develop 
 Parkinson's!  The correlation is so weak as to be nonexistent, and yet they 
 talk as if depression and Parkinson's are somehow closely related to each 
 other.  It's amazing that they can get away with something like this.
 Roger T, Ph.D.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Roger, WebMD is sure to accommodate "biological" psychiatry--propaganda,
bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry, truly the
psychopharmaceutical industry, bigger by far than all cancer therapy,
all of the arthridites, all infections diseases. It differs from all
else in clinical pharmacology is that absent the invented diseases, the
illusory diseases, they would have nothing to treat, nothing to bill
for. What's more this "research" is found throughout the pee-reviewed
literature, not just the psychiatric literature but all of the medical
literature. All are bought and paid for. I just read a report that
psychiatric diagnoses are the number one cause of hospitalization in
minors in Washington state. We are indeed in deep do-do.

By the way I saw a great deal of Parkinson's disease over my career, and
was not impressed more emotional problems than one would expect having
such a thing, nor was I ever convinced of an increased rate of dementia
in PD.

That people would take the time to go to medical school and then sell
out and betray so totally, boggles my mind. In this regard saw a great
story about a Brown U. med student who, defying the faculty refuses to
have anything to do with the pharma detail men who have carte blanche on
campus. She should be the professor of medical ethics. The faculty have
all become detail men. best, Fred.]

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