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dear dr. baughman, my son is 10 years old and has been diagnosed
with adhd,ocd,anxiety and dyslexia 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
FB: not one is a disease due to a
known, demonstrable abnormality in your son]

by a dr. of psychiatry
and a number of teachers oh yes and psychologists.......... 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
if, as
is likely, most or all have said outright or have implied they are diseases,
due to "chemical imbalance" of the brain, a disease/abnormality within your
son, this is a lie. violation of informed consent, medical malpractice,
practice of med without a license. Instead, dyslexia in any child seeming
normal upon starting school is educational failure, failure to confer
literacy/educability, in most instances in US public schools due to
misguided use of "whole language ideology, not science. Few thing are more
defeating than not knowing how to read as the required vocabulary is growing
bigger, and this alone can cause depression, feeling of defeat and behaviors
and emotions of adhd, ocd, anxiety and more, and remember that no
psychiatric disease whatsoever is known to be a medical/physiccal disease of
the brain, contrary to psychiatry's mental health's market strategy lie.
All of his symptoms therefore are situational, not medical and none
therefore will be helped by medications. All that medications will do is
impair the functioning of his normal-to-begin-with brain. You must get him
into a school setting which does not insist on the medical model/excuse of
educational failure, a carefully chosen private or parochial school or home

.......they all have different opinions on my sons
treatment but all want him to be medicated

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
for no known, demonstrable
disease. this can be nothing but psychologically and physically harmful and
he should be saved from it]

. so for the last year he has been on
cencerta, concerta time release, ritalin, adderall, adderall time release,
paxil.the adhd drugs made him sad or angry. paxil made him tired. if one of
the adhd drugs caused him to have side effects they would want me to
increase the dose which i would not do. 3 weeks ago he was put on the
adderall time release 10 mg and they increases his paxil to 25 mg. he weighs
152lbs. this last week i had a call from his school every day he was not
cooperating and was very worried about any little thing. 3 days ago i
noticed him pulling in his lower jaw in a jerking motion when he was excited
i think this is a tick. i called his dr. and she is mailing me a
prescription for 5 more mg. of the adderall. i can't understand how this is
going to help him i have stopped the adderal yesterday and am not going to
give him any more. i am scared i am not making the right decision. what
about the paxil is it to much.he strugling so much in school.i can't trust
any of these dr.s 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
not one insisting on a disease label and
medication is telling you the truth or doing you/your son anything but harm.
If they confront you, upon your reluctance to drug him with charges of
negligence, legal threats, you or your attorney may call me, I will aid in
any way possible. I hope you can, quitely spirit him off to an alternative,
non-label, non-drug situation without getting into a legal confrontation,
never easy to win. Call if you need to: *** *** **** 9-5 m-f pacific

and i am not one so who do i turn to. please help me.i tried to
call his dr. and got an answering machine telling me to call 911 if it where
an emergency. i am scared for my son!!!! thank you for your time

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