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  Dear Dr. Baughman,
  Others have beseeched me to write you and tell you my story, and so that
  is why i write.  Our child is sick. She was a long-term ritalin user
  (methylphenidate).  We live in   my husband and I with our three
  daughters. It is our middle daughter *******, now age 17, who has
  been tentatively dx. with aplastic anemia, while they send out tubes of
  blood for testing.  We are heart sick and very concerned.  At first -
  2-1/2 years ago they said it was ITP - thrombocytopenia purpura, now this.  Our
  child - She could die and millions of ritalin-fed children could follow
  her. What should we be doing at this time?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
***** and her treatment must be your first concern.
Hematology/Oncology has wonderful tools today, advancing all the

  Do you have any advice for us?  I've pulled as many RX receipts from far
  back as I could find, the drug labels, even the latest ones never told us
  we could or should expect this.  We have such overwhelming guilt and grief
  over giving this poison to our daughter.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
My guess is, that like millions of others confronted with
diagnosis and drugging, you were fundamentally lied to--told ADHD (in so
many words) was an abnormality within *****--a disease. This is always an
absolute lie, the linch-pin of their fraud]

  What are our options?
  We believe now, after researching for a week that BENZENE in ritalin is
  responsible. polyethylene, ethylene/benzene, her platelets are down to
  37.000, her red and white blood cells are down now too.  A second bone
  marrow biopsy may soon follow the one from two years ago.  What if they
  want to treat it with chemicals, harming chemicals....which is what caused it.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
The thing about ADHD is it is said to be a disease, said to
require/justify drug treatment. It is not an abnormality = disease at
not in the least. The drugs used, like all drugs, are exogenous--from
outside of the body--and all are poisons. I was not aware of the benzene,
carcinogen but this goes far toward explaining the chromosomal breaks
reported in 2005 in all children sampled who where on Ritalin/stimulant
These are pre-cancerous chromosomal changes.
To this point I have not been convinced that increased rates of cancer
result from these ADHD drugs, but now, for reasons you have supplied (the
benzene) the links to cancer, marrow suppression, etc. need looking into.
know potent attorneys in this field who will be as intrigued as I. Again
the first thing is to attend to ***** and to do all possible to get her
better. Her doctors should be asked about these studies and should be
willing to put their views on record--*****'s record. ]

  The doctors deny it, but we know it's true.  God gave us 3 beautiful and
  wonderful daughters, and the only difference in this one is that she was
  given this medicine for approx. 8-10 years!  As her mother, I'd just like
  to die.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
I am sure, like every ADHD Ritalin parent in the country you were
lied too, decieved, and that you did what you did believing it was best
your child. If you fail to stand strong, what of *****?]


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