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Dear Dr. Baughman,

I am a high school student from Chicago, and I have been studying the myth of
ADHD. I'm involved in policy debate, where teams present competing policies
based on the year's topic. This year the topic is about increasing federal
public health services for mental health care. The proposal I am researching
would be for the Surgeon General to issue a report stating that ADD and ADHD
do not constitute biological diseases and detailing the dangers of treating
these so-called diseases with psychotropic drugs

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Maya, first of all,
former Surgeon General, David Satcher, was perhaps the most important,
vigorous purveyor of the lie which would have one and all believe
psychiatric entities are "diseases" due to objective abnormalities. He is
gone but that office would not likely embrace the scientific truth of the
matter. The public at large is told add/adhd, and all psychiatric diagnoses
are diseases due to brain abnormalities. When they get to a doctors office
with themselves or their children as patients they carry this belief which
is only reiterated by the treating/diagnosing physician. Their being no
abnormality/disease, their informed consent rights--those assured post-WWII
at the Nuremberg Trials--have been violated in every single case. What you
propose may help and empower parents, those seeing through the deception,
but it will help few doctors, most of whom know the truth but find making
"patients" of normals, more lucrative than they wish to surrender.]

As an authority on the
subject of ADD/ADHD, I was wondering if you think that policy would be
effective at changing the mindsets of parents and doctors regarding the
diagnosis/treatment of ADHD. Any thoughts, advice, or resources would be
appreciated. My email address is t      Thank you very

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