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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear John, you, your wife, family and Alex got it right, and you are all
winners. The disease labels of psychiatry are meant for one thing and
one thing only and that is to make normal children (or infants or
elders, or whatever) patients, and to keep them and patients and drug
them for life. You cured Alex's fraudulent disease by refusing to
accept it as such by refusing to accept their self-serving verdict that
he was abnormal/diseased. Congratulations to you all. Write of your
triumph over psychiatry and mental health to Senators Wellstone and
Domenici, and Congresspersons Kennedy and Roukema, Hoekstra and
Schaffer. Children have died of liver failure from Cylert. Canada has
responded as though it cares more for their people than the Pharm
Industry, they have taken Cylert off the shelved, but not our
government. Thanks, FB]

John Han wrote:

Dear Dr. Baughman,

I just read some of your commentaries on varous websites and thought you

ought to know about us.

In particular, I am a 37 year old Asian man who married almost 9 years ago,

an Hispanic woman with a then, 5 year old boy, diagnosed with ADHD.
Needless to say, my new stepson, Alex, was a nightmare.  And to make a long
story short, we fought the school system and not only took Alex off of
medication(Cylert) 8 years ago, but through displine and tough love, Alex
has become a straight "A" student and a world-class JAZZ saxophonist by the
age of 12, performing for former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Jean Kennedy
Smith, at the Kennedy Center.  Alex has also performed at many
internationally recognized jazz festivals, Lincoln Center, and has been
featured in many international newspapers and magazines, including the
Sunday NY Times, etc.  Alex even has a website at
Alex is the only success story we know of.  And we even have a motion
picture screenplay about our life with Alex and his rise to succes
s.  By the
way, Alex is now, 14 years old.  Please call me if you'd like to know more.
I believe that children with whatever people choose to label their
behavioral condition, need diligent guidance from their parents and a
productive and creative activity/ outlet to give them focus, and self
esteem.  My e-mail is and telephone is 480-363-9487.
Thank you.  John Han

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