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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
In psychiatry there is always a presumption of disease, never a disease, and, finally always, the actual disease of ntoxication/poisoning with their drug or drugs. FB ]

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  Dear Fred,

  I am a father who is fighting to get my son off psychotropic meds.  Some
  other parents and myself fought and begged to get the law changed in NH.
  Now HB551 is now New Hampshire law.

  Both the Nurse Practicioner and the Doctor are refusing to treat my son
  due to their Risk management department telling them no to do so...

  My son is still on Wellbutrin as the GAL and my exwife found yet another
  doctor willing to prescribe...

  Take care 

  Jim  **********

  father of Nicholas ********** and Liscensed Psychologist.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
If all biological psychiatry is 100% fraud, it stands to reason that all psychiatric genetics must be 100% fraud as well. In medicine one first identifies the abnormality (abnormality = disease) and that disease is then the subject of the the first case report, one establishing there is such a disease. Next, efforts are made to determine the cause/etiology of the disease. For example I discovered the disease, CHANDS 1 and then, with Toriello and others determined it was due to a gene defect--an autosomal recessive genetic disease 2. Baughman, et al 3 determined that primary amenorrhea was part of the abnormality/disease/phenotype of the genotype: deletion of the long arm of the x-chromosome. In the case of genetic abnormalities (abnormality = disease), the abnormality is caused by the defective gene which is the abnormal genotype which is the entire genetic make-up of that individual including the gene defect that confers the abnormality = disease = phenotype. The term phenotype refers to the
disease/abnormality as it occurs, manifests, in each individual with that genotype. If, as throughout psychiatry, there is no true abnormality = disease, there is no abnormal phenotype for which to have a causal, abnormal genotype. So it is that psychiatric genetics is a total fraud, one having the intent of the "big lie" to make the public believe in chemical imbalances needing their chemical balancers--their pills. And all of so-called legitimate medicine has capitualated and says not a word of the big lie of psychiatric "diseases." Think of it, a total perversion of medicine and science, with psychiatry the author and virtually all of US medicine conspirators. Thus it is that for the past 6-7 years I have sought to get an answer from the American Academy of Neurology and the Child Neurology Society to the question: "Is ADHD a disease--yes or no?" Nor is their any getting the truth from the FDA or the Institute of Medicine or the Surgeon General or the Congress or the President as they continue
to pass laws assuring the diagnosis and treatment of these fraudulent "diseases"/abnormalities/"phenotypes" which, when non-existent means they assure the stigmatizing labeling of our own normal children and the enforced poisoning, not treatment of our own normal children. They spend millions on their sham science and literature and reap billions in sales from their chemical balancers for the chemical imbalances they have concocted.
The greatest health care fraud in history, no doubt about it.
Fred Baughman, MD

p.s. Keep an eye on for release date of "The ADHD Fraud--How Psychiatry Makes 'Patients' of Normal Children,"
by myself and Craig Hovey.

1. Baughman, F. A., Jr.: CHANDS: The Curly Hair-Ankylogle-pharon-Nail Dysplasia Syndrome. The Clinical Delineation of Birth Defects, Volume XII, 100, 1972.

2. Toriello, H. V., Lindstrom, J. A., Waterman, D. F., Baughman, F. A., Jr.: Re-Evaluation of CHANDS. Journal of Medical Genetics, 16:316, 1979.

3. Baughman, F. A., Jr., Vanderkolk, K. J., Mann, J. D., Valdmanis, A.: Two Cases of Primary Amenorrhea with Deletion of the Long Arm of the X-Chromosome (46, XXq), American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 102:1065-1069, 1968.]

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      Another gathering of World charlatanry financed by the usual suspects 

      XIIth World Congress On Psychiatric Genetics ( Oct. 2004, Dublin) sponsored
      by Lilly, Bristol Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca

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