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  Dr. B,
  Please keep my e-mail private.
  Do you have any opinion on bipolar disorder and the meds used to treat?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Bipolar disorder is not an actual disease, abnormality within the
brain/body, no psychiatric diagnosis is, therefore there is no need,
justification for the psychiatric drugs. Believe it is and you become a
psychiatric patient, a victim. The other way is tough, but far better, you
have to be a normal human being and overcome and control emotions and
behaviors by willpower, naturally. Believe in their fraudulent diseases and
they will not only drug you, they will shock and grossly distort and damage
your brain and they will incarcerate you--of course for your own good and
that of others. It is an amazing racket, biological psychiatry. Fred
Baughman, MD]

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