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  DR. B., Have you spoken with Vicky Dunkle in PA ? Like she said to me
  people are out fighting to do the right thing and keep kids off of
  medication. But at least they can still hold, hug and love their
  children we can't. How sad but true. People at any moment can give up
  their fight against the whole ADHD thing, but we have been permanently
  entwined with the whole mess and unwillingly entwined. I guess that my
  point is as always this has turned to many people's lives upside down.
  Not just the parents the children (siblings) left and one day their
  children. It never ends because a life was tragically cut short all in
  the name of medicine. Though Stephanie has been gone for almost 7 years
  it still hurts everyday. No one should have to endure this.

  Thanks for reading. Janet

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