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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear K , follow the money. As you know, narcolepsy is a real
nervous system disease/abnormality, ADHD and the other DBDs are
inventions, contrivances for which to rx. Ritalin and amphetamines,
from which to profit. For the benefit of my website readers would you
please write describing what the narcolepsy does to you. I was
intrigued with your mention of codience and its effectiveness.
Sincerely, FB]

  K       D      wrote:
   I have narcolepsy and was prescribed Ritalin.  I only took it for a 
   short time (2-3 months) because I hated it's effect on me.  It made 
   me feel awful.  I don't see how children can take it.  If I want to 
   stay awake, my only choice is to take some sort of amphetamine 
   because that is all the doctors will prescribe.  Codeine has been 
   proven to work for narcoleptics (and does for me and without making 
   me feel awful).  Doctors won't prescribe this because it is 
   "addictive", but they'll prescribe speed without question and as much 
   as you want.  Why?  Speed is highly addictive and has worse health 
   consequences than codeine.  Why do they push the speed?  Please 
   answer my question about this situation and what I should do.  It is 
   not only the children being poisoned by these drugs but sleep 
   disorder patients as well.
   Thank you,

   K       D      (K****************.com)

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