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Dr. Baughman, my 8 yr. old daughter was recently diagnosed with
ADHD.  The healthcare practitioner immediately prescribed Concerta for her
to take.  My husband went and had the prescription filled while I went to
the internet to do some research.  After 4+ hours of research, I am
absolutely outraged at what I have found.  I immediately flushed the
Concerta down the toilet and am now trying to calm myself down before I
approach the healthcare person that prescribed this med.  I am deeply
shocked at what is happening to our children and I will NOT be a part of
drugging my child because she is not acting "appropriately" in school.  I
refuse to label her as having a "diseased" brain and I would love to take
this matter further to the attention of those in Washington.  Something
needs to be done to stop this!!!  I am beside myself.  thanks so much for
letting me express my outrage.

A very concerned mother in North Carolina.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Mary, what kind of practitioner? Regardless of
what kind, no disease or physical abnormality was diagnosed/discovered
proved. In every such instance it is a medically/physically normal child
that is put on the drug. Concerta is methylphenidate, is Ritalin, is an
addictive, dangerous, deadly (200 deaths reported to FDA Medwatch Program
1990-2000), Schedule II drug, amphetamine like. Such a risk/benefit
equation never justifies proceeding with treatment. You can be justly
outraged with Congress for allowing this victimization, for the US Dept of
Ed., all government agents and agencies, all of medicine and psychiatry. You
cannot trust any of them, all have sold out in this matter to Big Pharma,
whether they drug, kill and maim normal US children or not seems of no
concern to them.]

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