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Dr. Baughman,
I am a 40 yr. old woman who was recently diagnosed with ADD. My 19 yr. old
daughter was also diagnosed three years ago and has been on Adderall.  What
answer I notice missing from all of your correspondence with others on your
web-site is an explanation of what is "wrong" with those diagnosed with ADD,
if it isn't a disorder? And what, besides drugs, can a person do about it?
My and my daughter's behavior fits all of the "diagnostic criteria" for the
"disorder".  Also, you claim that bipolar disorder is not truly a disorder.
Why, then, do people, such as my brother, act the way he does? Don't tell me
it's on a bell-curve of normal, because there isn't anything normal about
believing that you are JEsus and Vincent Van Gogh reincarnated!  And being
furious and violent with those who don't agree!  What's your answer?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Holly, you at 40, your adult brother and your daughter, at 19, act the way
you as a matter of choice and free will. William B. Carey, MD reporting on
"Is ADHD a Valid Disorder?" at the 1998 Consensus Conference on ADHD
concluded: "What is.described as ADHD in the United States appears to be a
set of normal behavioral variations..."

Yes, psychiatry groups normal if troublesome behaviors together and calls
them diseases, as marketplace strategy. This is all any psychiatric
diagnosis in the DSM is...lies and scams. The only purpose is to drug which
they are paid to do by the psychiatric industry. If their is no physical
abnormality = disease--physical and demonstrable--the conclusion cannot be
otherwise. Taking Adderall and having it in ones system is an abnormality =
disease, and a very serious one and it will do things to the brain and body
(addiction, heart disease, brain atrophy and death) that the taker has no
control over. Psychiatry claiming such diagnoses are diseases is a fraud
and it goes right to the American Psychiatric Association. Fred Baughman,

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