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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear MB, the siezure disorder is a real physical problem = disease, adhd and
learning disabilities are not. He will need the best possible neurological
attention to get his siezures controlled or down to the least possible
number. Virtually all adhd meds make siezures worse or cause them. These
are not necessary and would only complicate treatment of his siezure
disorder. Good luck. (we do not have a professional association). FB]

Dr Baughman,
My son is 6 years old and has had health problems since he was 5 months
old. After many tests, guess's and medications they found out he had sever
Gastrol 18 months old he had nesen flunalplication before they did
the surgery
he started having seizures, noone could tell me why and they sid they
would go away after they fixed his Reflux problem. well he had to have three
other surgerys after that and he seemed to be doing fine for awhile. Then in
Aug of 2002 we noticed he started having the seizures again and then he got
very ill again and started throwing up again . he was put in the hospital
,they gave him all kinds of test and told me yes he is having seizures and
no they can't tell me why . So they put him on Depakoteand another medicine
for his Gastrl reflux problem well a week later he got real sick again and
they put him back in the hospital, now they say he is having Migrains too,
so they wanted to put him on  more medicine.
his seizures got worse after starting the Depokote he was having up t 8 a
day. so they doubled the dose. since then he has been very  very active and
can't keep hs mind on things . he can't remember things very well and
sometime stairs at me like he can't figureout what I just said. when I asked
his Neuroligist if the medicine could be causing this he said no and then
sent my son for a Neurologic Evaluation. they are now saying he is ADHD as
well as he has a number of learning problems. they want him on Adderall, but
I don't want my child on any of these kinds of medicine. I am afraid the
medicine he is on nw is hurting him more then helpng him. I am searching for
the answer to help my child . I have already took my child out of School and
am now homeschooling him which he does great with , with one on one
attention. when he has his seizures , he loses control of hs blatter and
sometimes his bowls as well, as a result he gets made fun of , and since I
never know when he is going to have one , I am afraid to let him do anything without
supervision. Is there any other way to help his seizures without giving him
medicine? I am sorry for such a long E-mail, I thought it might be better if
you knew his whole medical history. Thank you in advance for any help you can
give me.

M*** B*****.

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