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For one thing, ADD is real. I don't believe drugs are the cure,
however. It is something that must simply be lived with and one must learn
to cope with it. There's no reason to develop a dependency on something that
doesn't work, but preaching the nonexistance of ADD is like saying hysteria
is caused by a wobbling uterus. Identify the problem and get to it. Drugs
aren't the answer, but don't say it isn't real.

P.S. Yes, probably 95% of cases are normal behaviour. Perhaps the methods
for diagnosis should be changed, no?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
JT, it is up to every physician of every child/patient they say has a
disease to demonstrate on physical/neurological exam or with some
technology/test, that an abnormality is present. Abnormality = disease;
no abnormality = no disease = normal. No abnormality is demonstrated in
persons labeled ADD/ADHD and yet they are told they have a disease due
to a "chemical imbalance" needing a "chemical balancer", a pill. As
long as they claim to "diagnose" and "treat" a disease, never having
demonstrated an abnormality, I, along with everybody else should point
out the fraudulence of what they do. The burden of proof is
their's--all physicians who call ADD/ADHD a disease, knowing full-well
they have proved no such thing. Now, JT, do you understand? --Fred A.
Baughman Jr., MD (2/6/02)]

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