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Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2003 1:34 PM
Subject: from yet another mom

 I have not had a chance to post as of yet because I am in another battle,
well that could cost me dearly. It has already cost me finacially and now I
face losing the "ultimate" in my life. I at this time can't discuss it. But
your topic reminded me of my youngest son. He was on Paxil, Ritalin,
Risperadol, Wellbutrin, and Lithium. That did not settle him down enough,
the teachers became agressive with him.
  One slapped him in the face, admitted it and was not reprimanded. Another
tied him to a radiator, a Social Worker caught her and she wasn't punished.
And in school he was attacked by three teachers much larger than hisself,his
brother reported to the homeroom instead of the office and caught them on
him. Social Services took pictures of the the marks and bruises, but my son
was sent to a boys home because he was out of control. (The pictures at
Social Services came up missing) isn't that convient.
  On a weekend visit he took an overdose on the way back. We didn't know
what was wrong with him until we got there. The boys home promised to take
him to E.R. and never did, they let him sleep it off,as they put it. He
could have died. They did not care. That is just how those places work. When
he came home I was ordered to send him back to that same school, I told them
and the Judge I would go to jail first. I never sent him back there.
 I am not allowed nor do I abuse him and I will not let anyone else do it
either. They want to dope these kids up so the teachers don't have to put up
with them. The last eight school shootings, Seven  of the children have been
on Ritalin! And they also wonder why these kids can't learn as well either.
  They start off as babies injecting them, giving them more and more
medication and then the system preaches don't do Drugs, it's bad for you. It
sounds like a double stand to me.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
I have heard this story countless time...if not crazy enough they will drive
the child and family crazy...and think of the divorce that results. And
they call it medicine and science. FB]

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