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This pretty much seals the deal on public school. The flap about the pledge
of allegiance is a bad decision meant to take away the lime light from the
real issue of invasion of privacy. The pledge thing will be overturned, this
will not. Since when do the "interests of the schools" supercede a persons
right to privacy? Even more absurd is that this is limited to students
enrolled in "after-school" programs. First of all, drug abusers don't
participate in after school programs. Secondly, an after school program is
just that... AFTER school! What gives them the right to test these kids just
because they're in an after school program. What does that have to do with
what happens "in school"? This only validates my conspiracy theory. Who do
you think this is really meant to benefit? Who makes the millions of drug
test kits that will be needed? Ahh, now were getting somewhere. Big Pharma,
Big Bro, and the Brave New Schools. It makes me want to puke. Public schools
are no longer fit for the public.The only good thing I have seen come out of
this is greater support for the voucher system, which the Supreme Court
ruled in favor of. Now if we could just get it past those pesky teacher
union lobbyist in California who support Big Pharma (good luck), we might
at least be able to teach our children ourselves. Link to web site:   . This ruling
is also available on   Greg

P.S. DrB: Feel free to print my comments on your site. Never heard from your attorney friend. Guess he's not interested.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Greg, Ive been looking for one enlightened attorney for a
long time. Move on my friend, the Dunkle's daughter, 10, died a heart death
from desipramine, Stephanie Hall, 11, of Ritalin. best, Fred B.]

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