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  Has there been any study that proves there absolutely could not be a
chemical imbalance in a person's brain?  Is it possible to disprove ADHD, in
a more definite way than ADHD has been 'proved'?


[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear C*****, an abnormality is the same thing as a disease. No abnormality
= no disease = normal. All physicians know this and are then, in medical
school, trained in diagnosis: telling whether the person/patient has an
abnormality/disease (and, if so, which one) or is normal/disease-free. Any
physician telling a patient they have a disease when they have no objective
abnormality (on physical exam, lab, x-ray, imaging, biopsy, exporatory
surgery) is lying to them, violating that persons right to informed consent,
and is guilty, in most jurisdictions, of medical malpractice. Every
physician who states that any medical or surgical treatment is indicated,
necessary, or required, bears the burden of proving a an abnormality/disease
is present. No one in any medical specialty has proven that ADHD is a
disease having a confirming physical abnormality. That being the case,
their is no justification for any medical/pharmacological treatment. It is
they who claim ADHD is a disease who have not met the burden of proof. In
fact, no psychiatric condition/diagnosis has ever been proven to be an
actual disease--not of the brain, not of any part of the body. Fred A.
Baughman Jr., MD, 1/28/02]

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