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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
D and L, if you agree with "most" but not all of what I say: that there is
no such thing as a mental, psychiatric disease/physical abnormality/chemical
imbalance, you do not yet understand that such "disease" claims are a
total,100% fraud. Absent objective brain diseases, all humans are capable
of learning self control. It is up to the adults in their lives--parents,
teachers, mostly, to teach them self control, and up to the individual,
increasingly through childhood and adolescence, to learn self-control on his
own. Parents, teachers and individuals who have come to believe in the
chemical imbalance, psychiatic diagnosis as disease model, not knowing what
to expect from themselves and the adults in their lives are terribly
handicapped as set forth in life. Fred Baughman, MD ]

 I agree with most of what you say regarding mental illness,
 especially ADHD, but then how do you initially "treat" and continue to
 treat a child or an adult who displays distactible and accelerated

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