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  Hi Doc,

  I am a practicing psychologist in South Africa and am also certainly
  anti-Ritalin - but what do you use for hyperactivity and concentration
  problems?  I am trying natural products for my patients - what do
  you recommend please Doc.


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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
FB: hyperactivity and concentration problems are not medical
problems; diseases. It is a total fraud of psychiatry and the pharm
industry to say, imply that they are--chemical imbalances needing
chemical balancers--pill. Saying you try "natural products"
(alternative medicine) suggests you too buy into the medicalization
of such things. Teaching, training, education, will-power, these are
the means by which, in time, hyperactivity and concentration problems
can be overcome or controlled. There are an infinite variety of books,
techniques, on how to overcome, behaviorally. As long as the patient,
parent, therapist believes in the disease, chemical imbalance model
they cannot believe in behavioral/willpower approaches to their problem
which is just the way the psycho-pharm cartel wants it. ]

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