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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
thank you Maria, this is clearly a conspiracy funded by the world
wide pharm industry, with psychiatry (also pediatrics, neurology and
family practice) and government, at all levels, representing not just
adhd but all emotional pain and troubled behaviors to be diseases, brain
diseases that they alone can treat--drug. At a hearing yesterday before
the California State Senate, we hear testimony from a Hispanic mother
who told of her 16 year old daughter diagnosed--in the school, mind
you--with depression, urged to be on Zoloft. The were told, as is the
lynch-pin of the conspiracy that her depression was a "chemical
imbalance" of the brain a disease. The coerced the family, calling them
repeatedly at all hours, telling them too, this was a "chemical
imbalance." When her daughter became suicidal the family took her off
all medications. This is pure evil--the government at all levels
conspiring against it's people. Testimony such as this and looking at
the exploding numbers of diagnoses other than ADHD and drugs other than
Ritalin, lets us know their targeting of our children knows no bounds.]

S***** T********* wrote:

Dear Dr. Baughman,
I am currently reading an MA in Effective Learning at the University of
London but I am From Argentina). I am writing my Dissertation and would like
to thank you for fighting against these terrible epidemia od ADHD. Don't
ever put you arms down. Thank you again not only for your evidence but for
the children.


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