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Dear Fred

I am interested in obtaining a copy of a video of a conference held in 1998,
I think, that shows a psychiatrist trying to answer the question, "What does
a child with ADHD look like when they come to be 'diagnosed.' The psychs
each avoid the question until the last guy who stammers a completely
incomprehensible answer.
Are you the right person through whom I can get this letter.
Please reply to: m        @

Thanking you for all your efforts for the sake of sanity

Regards......................M    W    

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
M , I am the guy. This was made with the official, US Government video
of November 16-18, 1998, National Institutes of Health, Consensus Conference
on ADHD. I produced and narrated the video from that footage. The CC
Panel members who tripped all over themselves to avoid answering this
question, and it was during the press conference, the last order of
business, were not all psychiatrists; the "last guy who stammers a
completely incomprehensible answer" was a pediatrician, Mark Vonnegut, of
Quincy, Massachusetts. There can be no doubt the at NIH, NIMH and several
other institutes of the NIH have been a party to the representation of ADHD
and all psychiatric diagnoses as 'diseases' (having confirming physical
abnormalities) without which their owner/manager, Big Pharma (world-wide
pharmaceutical industry) would have no 'medical patient' for which to rx.
psychotropic drugs--all of them brain damaging. The Surgeon General (D.
Satcher) is the leading government psycho/pharm propagandist; there is a Big
Pharma lobbyist for every Congressman. There can be no doubt that
government is a major partner in calling our normal, mis-educated children
'diseased' and in drugging them. Their victims are no more diseased than
are those of the Cali and Medellin cartels, the only difference being that
the psychopharm cartel's victims are considerably youngers, some as young as
1 year of age.]

To obtain a copy of the video visit

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