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I am looking to get information on whether depression is a disease…

P     M       wrote:

I am looking to get infomation on whether depression is a disease
or a disorder? Also wondering if you have a book i could pick up about ADD
and/or Depression? thank you. p

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:

Dear, PB,

Becoming depressed is something that happens to all normal individuals for
reasons to be found in their everyday lives, it is not a disease due to an
abnormality of the brain, and any physician or
official saying it is is lying to, defrauding you, trying to make a medical
patient of you to give you a drug. Press any doctor of yours with the
question where is the test that shows the
abnormality in me when I am depressed--the scan, spinal tap, x-ray,
biopsy--there is none, and regardless of the 'diagnosis' if their is no
objective proof of an abnormality, there is no disease.
In fact if one is unable to manifest depression, anxiety, even panic, to
appropriate circumstances, as in the case of one severely retarded or
'autistic' (invariably diffusely brain damaged and
retarded to some degree, usually, moderate to severe) then, that person is
truly abnormal/diseased and has objective abnormalities in terms of
developmental landmarks, neurological abnormalities, CT
and MR scans and gross and microscopic abnormalities of the brain seen in
100% of cases at autopsy and none of this can be said of what the American
Psychiatric Association now calls diseases to
decieve the public, to create patients of normal, troubled, troublesome
individuals. Write them, ask they why they lie, ask the NIH and the NIMH
and the DEA, FDA, Surgeon General and DHHS why they
join psychiatry and Big Pharma in this lie and in their collusion to
victimize the public. Also see my web site, order my video: 'ADHD--Total,
100% Fraud.'

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