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H. Kurosawa wrote:

Recently, a TV news report in Japan stated that Japan has the second largest population of Internet users. However, Japanese people seldom communicate with people from other countries by email and seldom visit websites that are written in English. They have, on average, poor ability to read and write the English language. The inability is even more serious when performing tasks such as listening, speaking and comprehending the English language. For example, last month, I tried to dictate a transcript of Dr. Baughman’s video (real audio file). I listened it more than 10 times and have not been able to complete it.

I think there are many reasons for this; the Japanese language is not part of the Indo-European family of languages so it is quite different from European languages in its structure and vocabulary. More importantly, English education is not practiced proficiently in Japan.

I am sickened by the fact that the APA might define “ELD” (English Learning Disability) in “DSM-V” and “diagnose” Japanese people in order to coerce them into using psycho-stimulants drugs. Almost all of us, including myself, could easily be labeled to have such a “disorder”. Therefore, even now, Japanese people remain “isolated” in our worldwide cyberspace.

It’s my regret that when my child was labeled ADD some years ago, I could not find a websites in Japan that exposed the truth about ADD/ADHD. If I knew of Dr. Baughman’s website then, I would have never allowed my child to be seen by a diabolical and malevolent psychiatrist.

ADD/ADHD is not still widely known in Japan. But recently I was a little frightened to learn that even in Japan there are some people (parents/teachers) who recommend Ritalin drugging for the “treatment” of ADD/ADHD while only believing they are safe. There are some parent groups (mini CHADD) who (pretend to) believe in ADD/ADHD and pseudo scientists who admire Russell Barkley. One of the profound ADD/ADHD “theorists” is a professor of education and vice president of a national university.

Though it might be a little too late, I will condemn those who lie about ADD/ADHD and prevent them from labeling and drugging others. I will search useful articles about ADD/ADHD, translate them into Japanese, and air them in order to immunize the public against ADD/ADHD.

If you have further information for me, please let me know.


Hideyo Kurosawa


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