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My name is Patricia Weathers.  I am the mother in NY that has been battling
the drugging issue for over two years now.  My son experienced psychotic
episodes while taking the SSRI Paxil.

I am truly sorry over your child's death.  My heart goes out to you and your
family.  The truth is:  We, as parents are not being provided with Informed
Consent.  We are not told about the unscientific nature of ADHD/ADD and the
very real side effects that can and do occur when using drugs to supposedly
"treat" it.  I have currently contacted an attorney and have filed on behalf
of my child a lawsuit addressing the issues:  Medical Malpractice,
Negligence, Informed Consent, and Violation of Constitutional Rights USC 42.
The attorney, that I am using (And other parents that have had their
children harmed by these drugs) is truly brilliant.  His name is Alan
Milstein and he is experienced and gives his 100%.  Before Alan came along I
was told by many other attorneys that it would take thousands of dollars of
my money to sue and that they did not understand fully why I was getting all
upset over my family's situation.  I knew that it would require almost
unlimited funds to get medical experts in to testify on the drugs my son had
been taking.  These unlimited funds I failed to have.  In turn, I realized
that the monsters that were responsible for harming my child would have
their Malpractice Attorneys, Pharmaceutical Attorneys counteracting the few
experts I could afford.  As your well aware, these pawns in this have
unlimited funds and will outrank you or anyone in bringing out their medical

What I am trying to say is that Alan has a good research staff that
Researches for you!  He gets the FACT that ADHD/ADD is not a "disease" yet
it is being portrayed to parents that way.  He seems to comprehend the
enormity of the "fraud" involved with this issue.  My case, like the others
that are using him (Larry Smith as well) must be "profitable" in his eyes or
he wouldn't take each of them on a Contingency basis.  I believe, along with
Dr. Baughman and many other experts, that this fact alone establishes that

A mass of Lawsuits is the only way that we, as citizens and parents, can
hold the people ACCOUNTABLE for the harm of our children !!!!  Hitting Big
Pharma, Hitting the Doctors/Psychs/Pediatricians where it counts the
most-------through profit.  They operate Solely on a profit factor.
Lawsuits, Judgements, and Settlements Will Ultimately Reduce these Profits
and Turn the Table our way.   We ALL need to ban together and file suit
(separately but in the same time period) to establish PRECEDENTS that can
guarantee that people in the future will be informed of ALL risks involved.

I know that you already have an attorney but I hope that you will at least
look at Alan's website and the information on his site.  His website is   and if you click on attorneys and click on his name you
can read about him.

In regards to the drug, Desipramine, you can get additional information by
going to and putting in the drugs name.  There has been many
cases of sudden death of children taking this drug.  Other information and
warnings are listed.  Another good resource for you is Dr. Peter Breggin, a
Psychiatrist in Bethesda Maryland.  I am sure that he has a lot of
information/studies on this drug and would be willing to talk to you.  His
website is and his phone # is 301-652-5580.  He is one of
the few Psychiatrists that believes ADD is "fraudulent" and has the actual
studies of drugs used to "treat" it.

Please at least look into Alan Milstein.  Throw some questions at him and
see what he says.  See if your comfort level rises with him.  If you do not
want to change attorneys, please keep Alan in mind for future reference.

If I can ever do anything for you please feel free to ask.  I wish you the
best of luck.

Patty Weathers

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Dear Patricia,
I appreciate your response. We do have a very competent attorney but there
still leaves a possiblity of him missing something also, so I will contact
Alan and see what his advice would be. I have e-mailed and also sent
information and a photo of my daughter to Dr. Breggins but he has chosen to
ignore any of my contacts. I want to stop this physician he is so confident
he did nothing wrong. First off he put my daughter on a tricyclic
antidepressant that was not FDA approved, he never discussed the major side
effects, he did tell us a few minor side effects but no where's near the
whole story, did not tell us the risks that other children had died taking
desipramine, and also we discussed Shaina's past medical history about urine
retention, kidney surgery, asthma, counterindications of the med is not to
give to anyone with a history of urine retention or kidney problems and he
was very aware of all of it and still chose to give the med. He did not
monitor her closely, and six days before Shaina died I took her to him for
aggitation, low urinary output, and weight gain with no increase in appetite
and he stated what I was seeing were not side effects and increased her
medication to 250mg (50mg increase in which he always increased her
medication only 25mg at a time, and I was to get EKG and blood work done in
2 weeks. February 26th my daughter has a grand mal seizure and dies. She got
up for school at 7:00 and was fine, ate breakfast, took her meds, and left
for school at 8:00, she took a fall at school at 10:00 am and by 10:30 we
were on the way to the pediatrican's office. Our daughter was fine the whole
30 minute ride, she read from her books, and did not even want to go to the
doctor, she said mommu I am fine. She had a grand mal seizure in the
doctor's office and never came home. I am mad and angry because I brought
toxic sign to the physician and he chose to ignore them and seven days later
my daughter is dead. If he would have only listen to me she may still be
alive. How can doctor's like this jeopordize the lives of innocent children.
I was constantly being nagged from the school since kindergarten to do
something about Shaina's impulsiveness, and lack of concentration. We
refused to medicate her at this time because we felt she would out grow it.
By second grade we found out Shaina was being isolated out in the hall by
herself alot. She felt different because they made her feel different.
Shaina was not a problem at home it was only at school. She was such a
wonderful child with so much love and beauty. She would light up the room
when she walked in. I miss her so much and it hurts because all I want to do
is hold my precious Shaina. I feel so empty, lonely, and life seems so dark.
My life truely changed the day Shaina died. I have to put meaning to my
daughter's death. I can not let her die for no reason. We need to help
others so their children don't die. Thank you for listening to me and trying
to help. Keep in touch.

Vicky Dunkle

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Patricia, Vicky,

Attached is the narrative of Jackie Morgan, mother of Cameron Pettus, who,
like Shaina Dunkle, died from "treatment" for the fraudulent, invented
disease: ADHD, with the drug, desipramine (Norpramine) who's embargo had
been called for 7 years ago, in 1995. Had it been embargoed from use in
children as sought by John Werry, MD of New Zealand, Shaina Dunkle would be
alive today. Sincerely, Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD]


by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD c 6/22/98

This is the story of Cameron Pettus, 12. You probably know boys like Cameron because he was entirely normal. The only people who thought otherwise were his teacher and prescribing physician. They said he had ADHD. He was put on desipramine (market name_Norpramin), a dangerous, experimental (in children) drug, a tricyclic antidepressant for ADHD–an invented, fraudulent “disease.” That was 1991. He died from it 2 years later, at 14 years of age.

He complained of chest pains within 2 months. His mother said “I took him to urgent care.” They didn’t find a thing wrong. 3 months later to Children’s (hospital). Nothing. Cameron didn’t like taking the drug (desipramine). He said he didn’t feel like himself. I encouraged him to continue. It was a continual fight. He’d forget or say he took it when he didn’t.” (we’re forcing millions of normal children to take dangerous addictive drugs they do not want to take–for ADHD_a disease that does not exist) “I monitored it closely when he was with me. I taught at the schools he attended so I monitored it through his teachers.”

His first serious reaction was racing heartbeat and chest pain. I thought it was the medication and tried to take him to Dr. P but getting appointments with her was impossible. She was only in on certain days and certain hours and was never available for immediate appointments. I called often and finally gave up because I couldn’t get in to her before or after school and I couldn’t take off during teaching class time. Because his reactions were brief and would be over in a day, I would pray with him and his teacher would pray_he’d lay down and sleep and be okay later that day and able to go back to class.

The day he really complained and I felt scared, Dr. P wasn’t open yet. We were on the way to school and we drove to her office_no one there until 9 a.m. Cameron said he couldn’t wait so we drove to the Children’s ER. I told them I thought it was a reaction to the desipramine. They said no_it was “undifferentiated, non-specific chest wall pain.” This was 1993.

The next time we went there for the same symptoms they said “pleurisy.” Ha!. No other signs of pleurisy existed. He’d had no pneumonia or lung fluid problems but how do you argue with a hospital. We went home. He rested and was better from then on. I just dealt with the occasional pains, fever and racing pulse as if they were the flu with rest, liquids and tylenol.

Dr. P’s new partner didn’t listen to me, thought he knew it all. After trying to talk to him about another family members’ health issues, unsuccessfully, I never spoke to him again.

We saw Dr. P because the desipramine wasn’t helping Cameron’s hyperactivity. She said growing pains or strain from baseball practice probably caused the chest pains. Didn’t recommend any tests. She did prescribe Ritalin in addition to the desipramine. Cameron took it once and said “never again” ” it makes me feel jittery.

We didn’t see or talk to her again that I recall until I called the day of Camerons admission to the hospital. Dr. P wasn’t in as usual, and I had to demand, beg and plead that they see him. The Dr. finally said they were all trying to leave early and if I could be there in 10 minutes he’d see him. I said we’d be there. He took one look at Camerons skin lesions and ordered blood work. I just insisted they do the blood work so we could leave because Cameron was in such pain! (this was the first routine CBC_complete blood count, to be done in the 2 year course on desipramine. Had one been done a year or a year and a half earlier, Camerons life could have been saved).

He was doubled over in hysterical agony-crying, pleading, begging, writhing in agony, to leave and get help. Be the time we got to x-ray I had to half-carry him. We went home late. One taco-bell taco on the way home and that’s the last food he ever ate.

“Cameron was so afraid and in pain as we prayed and read Bible stories and waited over an hour in pre-op for the doctor.”

“He collapsed within 15 minutes after returning to his hospital room from recovery. I don’t know why they let him leave recovery. He felt terrible he told me. He’d felt weak and dizzy and kept saying “am I going to die? I feel weird.” I called for a nurse_we were on our way to the toilet when she arrived. He was crying and sobbing and saying “I feel strange” to her. She thought he was overreacting. I saw him slump and said “he’s not pretending! Something is wrong! He collapsed in her arms. She slapped his face. I screamed “Lord, let him live” and he came back to life. Hordes of doctors and nurses descended on the room as he was carried back to bed. They tried everything. His veins were collapsed. He couldn’t take anything by mouth because there were no bowel sounds, I was told. They asked me to help calm him which I did with prayer and songs. They finally let him have a few ice chips and later, a sip of Dr. Pepper before they intubated him.

He was breathing on his own though, easier since he wouldn’t keep the oxygen mask on. Cameron was very agitated and thirsty-acting_very normal_charmingly requesting “just a tiny little sip, oh please.”

They wheeled him down for the cat scan or MRI_he seemed so lively and talkative and like himself. After the scan, they intubated him. We had to leave the room. He never spoke again. “The tiny little sip of Dr. Pepper was his last taste in this world. He spoke with eye blinks after that and foot and hand responses. Then, the ammonia levels in the brain rose too high for too long and he sank deeper into a coma.

The doctors suggested the possibility of a rare disorder called “eosinophilia” that happened to men in their 50′s with a history of heart trouble, so none of us believed it. We still believed the anesthesia had thrown him into liver damage and anaphylactic shock (allergy, hypersensitivity nonetheless). No bacteria or virus or parasites showed up.

After 8 days in coma, on life-support, Cameron was gone. The diagnosis at autopsy was “Hyper-eosinophilic syndrome” a rare, multisystem, whole-body allergic reaction, with desipramine the only likely allergen (cause).

“All we have left is questions_Why didn’t anyone believe me when I said “Is this from the desipramine?” Why was he ignored and why were we told his pains “were all in his imagination.” “He would fight getting up_need a nap after school_sometimes during.”

“Sometimes during school he would beg his teacher to let him come to my classroom (his mother’s). “When he came to me crying and hurting I let him lay down on a pallet in my room. Sometimes he would sleep half the day. Some days he would go to the sick room bed and sleep till he felt better. “He was cranky and irritable and had lost his appetite.”

I attributed it to the stress of puberty and the custody battle with his father. “I thought surely the antidepressant would help.”

“His baseball ability was off for the first time this spring (1991, the year he was put on desipramine).” He couldn’t keep up the practice pace.” ” I thought it was because of problems with his coach who had too many pitchers (and his own son) on the team. I think now he was tired and his immune system was severely weakened from the desipramine and the stresses in his life.

” He_Cameron, twice asked me to have him checked for AIDS. I asked him if there was any reason to suspect he had it and he said no!” “He concurred but I now realize he could feel something was wrong in his body.”

“He began itching several weeks before he went to his dad’s for July (’93).” I realize now, that was the sign of the adverse reaction to the desipramine. He was still taking it at this time.”

“His poor teenage-stressed immune system was weakened and reacting adversely and I didn’t realize it then.”

Interviewed by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for a April 1, 1997, article on psychiatric drugging in foster care, and deaths in several children in the state, Peter S. Jensen, MD of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) likened every time antidepressants are prescribed to a new experiment for the simple reason that safety and efficacy trials on these drugs have never been carried out in children, only in adults. Couple this with the confession of F. Xavier Castellanos, also of the NIMH (letter to me of May 13, 1998: “I agree that we have not yet met the burden of demonstrating the specific pathophysiology that we believe underlies this condition.” Dangerous, untried drugs are being given, routinely, to children never proven to be abnormal. What’s more, Surgeon General Satcher, Jensen, Castellanos, and Hyman of the NIMH and all at the helm of US psychiatry, pediatrics, neurology, and family practice know that no psychiatric diagnosis/disorder is an actual disease, and that all of the children

Jackie Morgan, Cameron’s mother: “We were never told any of this before.” We were always told ADHD was a real brain disease_a “chemical imbalance.” We just believed what we were told_never again.”

There is a crime here, no doubt about it. When the child dies, as a result of “treatment” for a fraudulent, invented, non-existent disease, one meant only to make a “patient” of a normal individual (to be diagnosed, treated, billed), is that manslaughter? Murder? We have yet to see appropriate charges brought in any US court of law, but soon, hopefully_soon. 200 such deaths were reported to the FDA, in the decade, 1990-2000, from Ritalin alone. How many total, for all ADHD drug treatment, is kept obscured.

In 1995, Psychiatrist, John Werry of New Zealand called for an embargo of desipramine in children based upon the 5 reports to the time of sudden cardiac deaths. Beiderman et al, of Harvard, defended the use of this deadly drug in ADHD, knowing all the while, and knowing today, that it is not an actual disease, only an illusion of a disease, a lie to parents, to get them to allow the drugging of entirely normal children.

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