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 I am writing because I have a 6 year old daughters, who is on
 Strattera for Sensory Integration Dysfunction and ADHD.  Now Strattera is a
 non-stimulant medication, can you tell me if it is as dangerous as ritalin.

 She was having lots and lots of accidents from the Sensory and she is no
 longer having any accidents at all, so I have seen a big difference with
 that and with the behavior.  Please help, I don't want her on medicine if it
 going to hurt her.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Debra, you have been purposely decieved by the psych-pharm-government
drug cartel. They would have you, the public believe these are diseases,
that all drugs are treatments for the diseases--really non-existent. All
drugs are poisons, where there is no definite disease there is no
justification for a single drug. Write your Congress-person, Senator, ask
why they allow, partipate in the deception and poisoning of your child.

Page 48, Gallagher Hearings [Testimony at 1970 congressional hearing re
funding pharmacological therapy for school problems].

Dr John D. Griffith, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Vanderbilt
University School of Medicine. -”I would like to point out that every drug,
however innocuous, has some degree of toxicity. A drug, therefore, is a
type of poison and its poisonous qualities must be carefully weighed against
its therapeutic usefulness. A problem, now being considered in most of the
Capitols of the Free World, is whether the benefits derived from
Amphetamines outweigh their toxicity. It is the consensus of the World
Scientific Literature that the Amphetamines are of very little benefit to
mankind. They are, however, quite toxic. After many years of clinical
trials it is now evident that this antidepressant effect of Amphetamines is
very brief- on the order of days. If a patient attempts to overcome this
tolerance to the drug, he runs the risk of becoming addicted and even more

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What else can I do then to see the difference I have seen from the
medicine she is on.  I can take her off the straterra today with no
problem since they don't have side effects like the ridalin, but I
need to know what else I can do.  I've tried many things before
putting her on the medicine and nothing worked.  Any advice, since
you don't recommend the medicine.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
It is not a medical problem and that a medicine appears to make it better on
the short term does not prove that it is and does not mean that the
medication is safe and effective on the long term--life long. Having her
take a medication gives her the message "something is abnormal about me."

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