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And whats more the Medical Board of California, the California Senate and
Assembly and all agents and agencies of the US Federal Government enablers
of this, duplicitous, fraudulent, profit-driven drugging of our entirely
NORMAL children. Among their latest strokes is to make it easier to do the
doping by doing away with California’s “triplicate” requirement for Schedule
II drugs–99.999% of them for the non-disease, ADHD. Thanks for writing.


Fred Baughman, MD

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From: “Kirk ****”
Sent: Monday, February 16, 2004 12:21 AM
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Dr. Kirk ****

I have three law degrees including my doctorate from Berkeley and
have practiced civil rights and international human rights law for 17 years.
I have always held the medical profession in high esteem. Now I find my son
*******, age 11, in the midst of the whole manipulative process that you
describe so well. I’m just writing to thank you for putting an alternative
view into the marketplace of ideas. Best regards, Kirk ****

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