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I think it’s fantastic what you are doing Dr.Baughman. I just today read an article about you and your ideas in insightmag which was linked to me by a friend who is also quite enthusiastic about your work. I long for the day when these things are revealed.
What I wanted to ask though, is if you have the same stand towards illnesses like depression, bipolar, and the many anxiety disorders? My family has a history of depression that I just don’t buy. And when it came to me, when I decided I wasn’t depressed, they said anti-anxiety medications. It just dosn’t add up. The criteria read out to me by my psychiatrist that is required to diagnose someone for depression, is nearly identical to the criteria for anxiety, bipolar, and ADHD, all I saw were very subtle differences.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
G*****, my friend, all are part of the human condition, the stuff of biography, but the science and medicine have been perverted by industry, government and those in medicine who should lose their licenses. With a little luck I am writing and will publish a little somethin on the conspiracy. It is all a hoax, fraud, and self-fulfilling prophesy, as in your family.]

My family doctor put me on prozac within an hour of meeting me just because I had all the symptoms, and I can honestly say I regret nothing more than taking her ****ing SSRIs. I know that I could probably sue her for doing such a thing. Everywhere I go there are little pamphlets, booklets, signs, posters, “Does your child have ADHD? Could your parents be depressed? Have you been more anxious than you should be?” And they are so seductive! Reading these things “The symptoms are… 1, 2, 3, 4.” “Wow I have all of these, and they can magically take them away with a pill?” And those of us who don’t buy that garbage are given bigger doses and different pills. But the doctors have problems. They know both truths. I was once taken to a local hospital because people were scared I was a danger to myself because I refused to take an anti-psychotic. The doctor at the hospital put me on Luvox, and told me to believe in the drug, because if I don’t THINK it’s going to work, then it won’t.
But isn’t that a rule with all placebos? Technically, couldn’t a person take heroin thinking that it’s going to cure their anxiety, and then have it do just that?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
In psychiatry, the placebo effect rules. But then they are brain and body poisons and that gets in the way now and then...a siezure, heart death, liver death or transplant, etc. And never a disease until the drug or the ECT or the psychosurgery.]

I just want to know where you stand on all this, and if you have any plans in these matters for the future. In my opinion, psychotropics are far too potentially dangerous to be given out to still-developing children before persuing therapy or a change in lifestyle.
If one in five teenagers have clinical depression, we have a medical epidemic on our hands. If this disease were not a subtle mood disorder, but rather a deadly virus, the world would be in chaos. but instead we calmly sedate ourselves into silence. Thank you for bringing awareness to these things, and please keep it up. I’ll be very interested to see what else you have planned.

,G******[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
ps go to, buy the video ADHDFRAUD.COM and consider a contribution to support ADHDFRAUD.COM. You saw right thru them, they are no more scientific than kids playing "doctor" but the kids have the good sense to know they need something to listen to the heart. ]

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