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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
this sounds like a
peripheral neuropathy, not disease of brain or spinal cord (we have no
doctor-patient relationship). There is a temporal relationship to the
Adderall and since there is no essential need for this drug, you would
be foolish to continue on fact foolish to take any non-essential
medication. No psychiatric diagnosis is a real, proven disease, if you
were told they were you were lied to. The only other indication would
be for narcolepsy and there are non-amphetamines available for that. See
your neurologist, steer clear of psychiatrists]

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I was prescribed Adderall XL approx 3 wks ago.  Since then, I have
experienced numbness in my legs, and toes.  It has since spread to my arm
and finger tips, experiencing a sharp tingly sensation in my fingers and am
barely able to move my toes on my right side.

I was hospitalized and had an MRI performed and was seen by a neurologist
who simply said I had "neuropathy" that was not linked to the brain or CNS.
I do not know if this could be a side-effect of the Adderall or not.  My
psychiatrist says he has not heard of such a reaction to the drug and did
not recommend that I go off of it.  Have you heard of this kind of reaction?
I am seeing the neurologist again to have some more tests done.  Possible
for a brain tumor.  Just looking for some feedback or possibly being
referred to a website where I might get more information, possibly from
other patients who have had similar experiences with the drug.

D**** M********

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