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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Mrs. B******, this terrible
thing that is being spear-headed by the public schools of the nation, could
not happen without the full collusion of the US Senate and Congress. They,
and all of their medical advisors, those at the National Institutes of
Health, the CDC, the Surgeon General, himself, and the Institute of
Medicine, know full-well that psychiatric diagnoses/conditions are not
diseases in the medical and surgical sense of the word. And yet because the
"drug" money is just too good to turn down they, not only allow this
deception of the American people and victimization of it's normal children,
they enforce it at every turn. I salute you for standing strong and for
having the clarity of mind to see tyranny even when it comes wrapped in red
white and blue.]

C**** & F*** B****** wrote:

Dear Dr. Baughman: I received only the message below. If you sent more,
we did not get it .I spent the rest of the evening, after I wrote to you, on
the website. My husband was by my side the whole time. We read the pleas you
made to others to get their kids out

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
of their U.S. Public School]
hit home with us. I have been considering this move for some time. I did not
have the option to stay home. Just when it seemed it could be worked out,
Fred (my husband) lost his job. That was last November. Last night we agreed
that he must take on the schooling. I was impressed at his ready agreement to
do so. When he finds another position, we will exchange roles. I have been a
respiratory therapist for thirty years. I WILL NOT GIVE MY SON DRUGS. I WILL
LEAVE THIS COUNTRY IF I MUST. The son to whom I am referring is the last of
five. I have seen first hand what public schools have to offer. I already
knew full well that I could never win as a parent. While I have a litany of
lesser, albeit still
damaging, sad stories, this is the first time that the threat has been life
and death. I want to thank you sir for the hours, lost sleep, time spent away
from your own loved ones, tireless efforts on behalf of all children
everywhere. I have one child to rescue-and he is my own beloved son. You, on
the other hand, have taken on the whole

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Not just psychiatry and the
pharmaceutical industry, but of pediatrics and all of organized medicine,
which have also adopted psychiatry's dsm strategy for making medical
patients of entirely normal children/persons regardles of age.]

I have worked
a lifetime with physicians,sir. I have seen physicians for my own and my
family's lifetime. You are a shining star within your profession-your
community-and to the benefit of untold numbers of innocent children. I thank
you sir, for the tears you must have shed and must continue to
shed, for the innocents and for the future of our nation. God Bless you and
help you on your way.  With the greatest of respect, I once again wish to
thank you.

C****** *. B******

C**** & F*** B****** wrote:

I have been pressured
mercilessly by my child's school for an ADD
dx for my child. I can not express to you how I have felt. When you
pointed out that children don't just wake up at age eight (our son is-you
guessed it-eight) with brain diease, you validated my argument!

Tuesday Jan. 29, 2002 I will meet with these people yet again. The
difference is this time I will have your articles with me! I called for
the meeting because we fially took our son to the doctor (family practice) in
a final attempt to disprove the school bullies. The physician told my
husband he did not have hyperactivity (I have known this all along-but the
school works on you to break you down) however he was less sure about ADD.
Like the other children I read about our son is sensitive, bright-reading
well above grade level, excellant sense of humor, participates in several
physical activities and is described by his teacher and others involved just
as if his "symtoms" were being read off a cue card.  Thank you for your work
and efforts on behalf of our children!  Frankly, I don't have much hope of
my child receiving a useful education in the public school system. In fact
from my observations, he stands to be done a great harm if we continue to
send him to that place.

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