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R***** * K***** ** wrote:

  Dear Dr. Baughman:

  I work for the Mental Health Association in Tulsa.  I have seen many
  adults and children who have this disorder and there is definetly a 
  "disease" process involved.  This illness is extremely dehabilitating 
  and leads to aggression due to the illness limiting impulse control.  
  I know some medications cause side-effects especially more pronounced 
  in children but studies are showing that ADHD in early adolescence 
  developes into Bi-Polar Disorder which is a disease or chemical 
  imbalance in the brain which is effectively managed by medication and 
  Your Old School Psychiatry of denial of the disease process in mental 
  illness is vanishing.
  R***** *. K*****, **.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear R*****, if you had gone to medical school and learned what diseases
are and how to distinguish "diseased" from normal, I could hold you
medically and legally responsible for the fraud of calling such things
diseases, when none are. In fact the "Old School Psychiatry" which
acknowledging that emotional and behavioral problems are struggles in
the live's of normal individuals, is the scientific truth of the matter.
I would advise you to get a copy of this weekend's Insight Magazine.
In it you will find an article by Kelly Patrick O'Meara
(see Money and Madness)
, that makes
clear the fraud of psychiatry's claims that it treats actual physical
diseases/abnormalities. You, Sir, are among the decieved. Sincerely,
Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD]

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