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Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
There is an entire scientific literature that deals with the addictive
potential of this and other Schedule II controlled substances. See the
1995 DEA Background Paper on Methylphenidate, which deals with this and
similar drugs. Addiction is only one of the many brain and body ill
effects, death among them. Any physician, group or health care
professional telling you otherwise, violates your right to ‘informed
consent’. See within this publication the clear inference that CHADD,
in their message, thoroughly violates the informed consent rights of the

j wrote:

  How can you say Adderal is addictive.  My daughter does not crave it.  She does not
  take it everyday.  She only takes it on days that shes needs to focus and remember
  things like reading a book.  On the days she does not take it she reverts back to
  her old self.  On those days she can destroy our whole house, going from one room
  to another taking things out and not finishing anything and not wanting to put any
  of it back.

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