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Dear Dr. Baughman,
I am a teacher in the Youth Corrections system, Ogden, Utah. My husband and
I have also taken in foster kids to share our ranch/outdoor, healing
lifestyle. Over the 3 years I have been connected to these programs, I have
been appalled by the way the kids in state custody have been forced on legal
drugs. Finally, this year I was so angered by an incident that happened with
our foster child, that I have turned my anger into action.
At 10, N*** was a challenge- but nothing that love, dedication, and a strict
course of behavior guidance couldn't turn around. From the beginning, the
program therapist said he needed medicating and I vehemently disagreed. Then
one day they pulled him from school, drove him to the med doctor who saw him
for 5 minutes and popped a Zoloft in him.
I was so angry but wisely controlled it and decided to beat them in their
game. I made strange excuses for not giving N*** his pills for awhile, and
filled N*** with various vitamins. Finally I gave him a "micro C" vitamin
saying it was the Zoloft, and it fooled him.
I did this for about 4 months. The reports on N***'s behavior and overall
progress were amazing-positive-uplifting... Thanks to the medication, of
course. Finally, I told all and I was told in return that this was a serious
matter and I would be penalized. N*** was removed from our home by court
order, and medicated.
At the same time, I began doing much internet research on the 20 or so drugs
my students are routinely perscribed by the state's psych doctors. I wrote
down the boys' stories, I spoke with other youth care professionals, and I
have started letter writing campaigns, phone calls, press contacts, have
talked with the state attorney general and continue to stoke fires under
cautious legislators- to stop this abuse .
And I am being put to trial. The school district has issued warnings, group
home directors have written letters against my behavior, 2 psychiatrists are
trying to get me in court. I don't scare easily; I don't drop the ball in
mid court.
Your information and anti-drug voice keeps me inspired.
Help is always welcome.
Thank you for caring.

J  P
**** *. ******* **
******* ****, Utah *****


[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
J , thanks for writing, it is criminal what they are doing. If ever they
take you to court, I will be willing to testify on your behalf...and upon
behalf of the children as well. Your friend, and ally, f.b.]

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