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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: Letter from a Dad and Son, the latest ADHD Scam, Federal Drug Pusher,

 I want to know if you have a phone number I can call and speak to
 someone.  My 5 year old son is being given drugs for ADD & ADHT .
 The pediatrician assessed him only based on my son's mother's little
 questionnaire. It is a total scam. 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
It is a
total scam. Send this to all of your elected representatives, especially
to Ron Paul, R-TX, a physician who knows it is a scam.]

 My evidence
and the schools evidence shows that my son is fine but his mother continues to
 pump him full of drugs. 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
not one of the diagnoses are a disease
meaning all of the drugs are poisons--and they are poisonous and at time
death-dealing. If you have an attorney I will work with you. Not

 I am trying to get the courts to help me protect my son from
 his mother and this garbage of drugs but I will need some strong
 documentation to convince them of the scam perpetrated on my son by this
 doctor and by my sons mother. It would be easier to speak to someone on the
 phone to explain things in more detail. I will do anything to help my son
 and your help would be greatly appreciated. I would even consider hiring you
 or someone you know as an expert witness (if I could afford it of course.
 Please write back to me ( with a contact number if possible ) as soon as
 possible. I don't know what else to do to help my son.

 Thank you


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