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My question is my stepson is being tested…

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> My question is my stepson is being tested tomorrow for ADD, by his
> school's request. Me and his father feel that it is a waste of time. Damien
> is a good kid however his Mom does not pay enough attention to him or
> correct him properly. So the school is tired of having meeting with her so
> they are sending in to have a catscan then they want him to be on ritalin or
> prozac. We are against it completely. We need help one how to help him, he
> is a good boy we never have a problem with him only when he is at home does
> he get into trouble.
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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear K , I wrote to A.G. Janet Reno in April, 1998 that the
representation of ADHD/ADD (whatever) by US psychiatry, the pharmaceutical
industry (and the US federal government too) to be a disease is the biggest
health care fraud of modern time.

Do not let the testing start, it leads to labeling which leads to
drugging--none of it legitimate medical practice at all. They become
insistent, even tyrannical, they call in CPS, they hail loving
common-sensical parents into court and damn them for resisting. Usually it
is best to escape while you can to a private or parochial school (carefully
screened) that knows this is not the stuff of education; escape before you
are on a legal footing with them. Good luck, FB

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