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My son started to take adderall when he has 10 years old. At the
time he was in the 75% for hieght and lbs . Now he is in the 40% for both.
We took him off the meds for the summer and he put on 15lbs and grown 1in.
but he schould be taller than whwt he is. If i KEEP HIM OFF THE ADDERALL XR
will he get taller or will his growth be inhibied for good?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear, C,

General growth retardation, which includes the brain and all organs, has
been a long-known, common, side effect of the amphetamines and
methylphenidate too. This is why 17 years of brain scan research, all of it
on "treated" children with add/adhd has shown "on average 10% brain
atrophy." No one can tell you with authority that he will return to normal
in every way if you keep him off now. One thing is sure, ADHD as a
"disease" does not exist, never has, never will (a bunch of behaviors
invented by a bunch of psychiatrists in a exersize having nothing to do with
medicine or biology) so the sooner you stop the Adderall, the better.

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