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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:

Steve, this is terrific and to the point, I will share it with the
father in Japan, Hideo, you are right, there is no need, once extracted
from officialdom--government school, clinics to feel that the label is
indelible, official, permanent, and to spend money on competing
consultations (as ordered by the judge in your case lending further
confusion), lawyers (most of whom do not understand the issue). Nestor
went this route, many parents have, and were successful in that the
system never came back to claim the child. Thanks, Fred.] wrote:

 I tried to select "reply all" to comment to the parent that wrote you as
well as others on your list, but it would not let me for some reason, so I
reply to you alone.
 My suggestion for the parent that wrote you inquiring about how to
"unlabel" his son is to simply follow the path we went down. We "cured" him,
as you know, using the same method that got him diagnosed to begin with --
by declaration!! They simply "declared" him ADD, we simply "declared" him
 As to all the other concerns legal and otherwise, those problems can be
avoided by doing what we did -- put the child in private school. Do not
introduce the "ADD" into the picture when he enters the school, and he will
thus be normal from that day forward.
 The email did not mention the age of the child, but as for concerns about
the false diagnosis affecting the future, i.e. military, piloting, etc.,
this is only true if the child took medications past age twelve, AND if the
fact that he/she did so is common knowledge.
 In my son's case, as you know, he was a tremendous success in private
school, having been declared normal and free of the bogus diagnosis by us.
He did not take any drug after age twelve, but nonetheless we have cleansed
his past of any diagnosis, since the diagnosis was false to begin with. We
have no intention of ever mentioning to anyone that he was "labeled". So, he
is "unlabeled"!!
 I hope your writer can find the resources (their own, or scholarship) to
get their child out of the trap as well.
 Steve Keene

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