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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:

Everybody, this, on the international scope of the ADHD/biological
psychiatry fraud, comes to us from Frank Heutehaus a Canadian, ADHD

Below are Mr. Heutehaus' recommendations to parents on how to combat the
fraudulent psychiatric labeling of children, based on his years of
advocating for his child. See also the suggestions of victim/father Steve
Keene of Houston, TX.
---Fred Baughman MD 7 26 02]

On a letter dated July 2 , 2002, the Halton District School Board responded
with the following regarding a questionaire(Conner's type) designed and
developed by a leading ADHD specialist in Oakville, Ontario who was as of
this year criminally convicted of fraud regarding the the death of a 14 year
old child who he treated for ADHD.

"The assesment tool that you mention is not used nor purchased for use by
the Halton District School Board Psychological Services and, to the best of
our knowledge, it is not used by any of our staff. A private practioner may
have requested its completion".

The above is verbatim to a letter I received from this school board. Still
waiting response from the Catholic Shool Board.

My only question is, what power does a private practioner have to overide
the Pyschological Services of this school board.

This doctor has been charged for fraud, for lying even to the College of
Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Fortunately, he was convicted of fraud
for the above. His sentence was 45 days in jail intermittent (served on

I ask all to inquire further with the following to determine why the issue
of ADHD was never mentioned in the Ontario Governments investigation of the
death (liver failure) of this young child.

The following people to contact are:

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario:

D.O. Kofman                          The Chairman
Mr. H. Maeots                        Public Member
Dr. A. Kenshole                      A Member
Dr. E. Thompson                      A Member
Mr. R. Sanders                       Pubic Member


N. Perrier                           For the College

T. Curry, Esq.                       For Dr. Laws
D. Leonard, Esq.

R. Cosman, Esq.                      For the Committee

Should you require more information I will be glad to provide it. The
transcripts of these hearings are also available.

P.S. Mr. Turner, I have forwarded to you on two occasions the names of
leading law firms in Canada who deal with Medical suits alike. Have you had
any success with these firms.


Frank Heutehaus wrote:

There is only one thing to do when your child is labelled. I speak from five
plus years of experience.

Step #1: If you truly believe that your child is not abnormal, diseased, a
menace to society and if you are truly committed to the best for your child
then take heed.

#1 Should any school, daycare, or any other govermental body most
importantly the doctors you must do the following :

Get them to put in writing their claim. ( tape record them if applicable to
your state) Then follow up and ask them to support their claim, and then
fight them tooth and nail to vindicate their claim.

If you do not care to do the following then disregard this e-mail.

Again, I have done the above and not only did I receive care and control of
my child but I also got him off of Ritalin. Four years know and the school
and other druggers have not dared to challenge me.

Why, I am no legal wizard or do I have any clout with these deceivers of
good will. What I do have is the truth they do not want to address.

But do as you may and remember know that you have my address, I will help
all whose love for their child is greater than their love for sin.

Yours truly,

Frank Heutehaus

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