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Lord help us now!!!

Jonathan Stanley of TAC
(Treatment Advocacy Center) who fights for more oppressive laws wrote to
the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness, supported by
pharmaceutical industry millions) Consumer list the following:

Given our previous conversation about the subject on
this list, I thought it
would be of interest that The Mental Health Court Bill
just passed the US
House about 20 minutes ago. It was passed by the
Senate in September.
Thus, it will become law unless vetoed.

He also wrote the following explanation of what this
will mean:

A Mental Health Court’s main purpose is to divert
people with mental illness
who are charged with non-violent and less serious
crimes (the exact types
differ from MH court to MH court) into treatment
instead of going to jail.
Although it is not a sure thing, most of those who
qualify for the MH court
will have their cases left open and (in most courts)
ultimately dismissed so
long as they stay in treatment and out of trouble for a
given period of
time. A qualifying person is not made to go to MH
court, he or she may
choose the normal criminal court instead (although that
would most likely be
choosing jail or prison over treatment in the

The bill that was passed today will free up federal
funds to establish a
number of these courts in communities that wish to
establish them. I do not
know if the bill that was passed is exactly the same as
the versions I saw
before, but I think it will provide the resources for
25 MH Courts.

If you are interested in more on how MH Courts work, I
recommend a fact
sheet on the one in Kings County, Washington, which is

Take care,


[Dr. Baughman:

this means go to mental health court,
get labeled, drugged, anything psychiatrists says is needed, ECT and
psychosurgery included. Here we have our Congress and Senate
legitimizing that which science cannot prove—‘mental diseases’/
‘chemical imbalances’. Make no mistake they will do repeat blood levels
to be sure their drugs are always in your system. Soon all of them will
be by depo injection, leaving no doubt, readily handled at the weekly
visit of the psychiatric nurse. Make no mistake you will have that
‘mental disease’/ ‘chemical imbalance’ for life and just as surely you
will ‘catch’ others as time goes by, requiring (by force of law) more
treatments, more pills, ECT sooner or later, and perhaps too,
psychosurgery should you become an activist—the surest sign of
worsening. Adolph applauds! Make no mistake, given that psychiatry
has nowhere presented evidence that it diagnoses and treats legitimate,
bona fide diseases, this is the practice of medicine without a license
by the Congress and Senate, just as the educators of the government
schools of the nation practice medicine without a license.

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