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Peter Anstrin wrote: 

Dear Mr Baughman,

 I am a journalist that works here in Sweden. I publish a magazine called ”
Human Rights” since 1988. In every issue I have written something against
amphetamine to kids.
 In Sweden there is just recently, last 3-4 years, attempts by
psychiatrists to implement the ”Ritalin cure”. For the moment there are
about 2000 kids on Ritalin/amphetamin (200 kids 1995) They don´t have it
easy in their attempts. It´s daily  articles about it. Your name has also
been mentioned.
 My question is, can I publish Tom DeWeese latest article in our magazine?
I also would like to have permission to publish some of your artciles on
your web site - which is excellent.

 Peter Anstrin

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD wrote:

Peter, The difference in the level of druggin in the US vs. Sweden, Europe
and the rest of the world is striking. You have 2000 children on
amphetamines, we have 5-6 million!. You may publish all of the above. Send
me any making it to print. The only thing that makes psychiatry and their
controlling partner, the pharmaceutical industry, any different from the mob
drug cartels of the world and their ‘pushers’ in the streets, are the
fabricated, fraudulent, psychiatric ‘diseases’ they say the normal,
troubled, failed, children have. Good luck. FB

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