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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Robin, show the attached medical malpractice strategy to your attorney.
Both I and attorney R K would be happy to speak with your attorney
after he has read this attachment. Sincerely, Fred Baughman, MD

Robin P  wrote 10 17 01 :

  Please help me.  I am a 38 year female recovering alcoholic
  and I have been on many antidepressants over the years.  My dr.put me
  on Ritalin 18 months ago. I did not know it was
  addictive and sure enough I'm hooked to the tune of about
  600 mg a day. No one wants to help me for fear of litigation
  and if they are willing to help its with prescribing a
  like drug. from what I'm finding out that high of a dose
  is unique and I am very frightened.
  I have an attorney, due to problems stemming from the use
  and I'm filing malpractice.  I seem to be to hot to handle
  for any answers and won't stop taking it until I'm in a
  please find the time to respond with any information
  God Bless
  Robin P

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