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 Ron D" wrote:
> Dr. Baughman, thanks to responding to my note.  Keep providing the truth
> and news about psychiatry's abuses, and we'll keep educating those in our
> circles.  Hopefully someday parents, educators and legislators will wake
> up to the lies of psychiatry/psychopharmacology and the harm that has been
> caused, and correct the laws to protect children and adults from such
> irrational abuses.
> My hat is off to you sir!
> Your staunch supporter!
> Ron D

Ron, tragically, federal protection of the psychiatric drugging of our
normal children is a manifestation of unlimited
industry--pharmaceutical--dollars polluting the political process. This
is an even more egregious example than the military-industrial complex!
Think of it--so blatant a fraud sheltered by our every politician and
bureaucracy drugging our normal, fraudulently labeled,  children.  Good

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