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sir: i am seeking any information on treatment "without drugs" for
the behavioral disorders add and adhd i am a father with a child diagnosed
and would appreciate direction to any studies both for and against treatment
with and without the use of drugs. thank you , j*** m*****

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Sir, be advised that U.S. psychiatry has arbitrarily lumped these
entirely normal, childhood behaviors together and called them a disease.
This is how they, with full support of government and the courts, make
"medical patients" of normals. If your child has no true disease with a
objective physical abnormality, be advised: your child is NORMAL. To
help you cope with such behaviors and understand the fraud of ADD/ADHD
I refer you to Peter Breggin's "Talking Back to Ritalin" and also, David
B. Stein's "Ritalin is not the answer", also "Unraveling the ADD/ADHD
Fiasco." Sincerely, FB]

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