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Tara T      wrote:

I have a 12 year old that is diagnosed with bipolar,O C D,
depression, and ADHD. My 9 year old is diagnosed with bipolar and ADHD too.
They both are on Depakote and Adderal.My older one is also takes Paxil and
Clondine.Adderal makes my kids appetite messed up...

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Tara, your best defense agains these lies, is to know that in
medicine, the abnormality found on some exam or test IS the disease
(abnormality = disease = abnormality) If there is no clear, objective
abnormality there is no disease; the person is medically, physically normal.
No emotional = behavioral = psychiatric diagnosis is an actual disease;
their being no disease, there is nothing to treat medically. With no
objective evidence of an abnormality there is no justification to having
your children on these or any medications. If they fight you get an attorney
and fight back, but see that your children are weened from these medications
by their physicians]

My younger has lost 15 a matter of months. Their sense of smell has
become very sensitive. Is there any thing else that can replace this

I appreciate your respond. sincerely Tara T      

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