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Thank you Dr Baughman, for being there, and telling us the truth.
Teachers should be held responsible for their service, and not push labels
on our children. On that matter, anyone involved in the billion dollar
industry of the psych pills, should be charged with fraud.
>It is fraud, a promised product, and there is none. I understand the
schools, even get a federal kick back for EACH child they recommend for
ritialin, or other drugs, and labels. This FRAUD goes very deep in our

D** R*******

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Debora, thanks for writing. Everyone, thus defrauded and
victimized should write their Congressmen and Senators and urge them to
take no more drug money--it is as tainted, or moreso, than if they took
dollars from the Colombia or mexican cartels. This would not be
happening if they did not write laws legitimizing the fraud. I just
heard, yesterday from the father of a 13 year old who died a cardiac
death from ritalin, that he had just gotten school records showing that
school personnel had called their son's physician asking why ritalin had
not yet been started. Millions of american children and their families
are thus affected in ways entirely inconsistent with our democratic
ideals. Best wishes, FB]

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